Canadian Pet and Livestock Probiotic Leader CanBiocin Expands into U.S. with Acquisition of Pure Cultures

Are We Nearing the End of Preventative Antibiotics in Livestock?
June 7, 2017
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Canadian Pet and Livestock Probiotic Leader CanBiocin Expands into U.S. with Acquisition of Pure Cultures

EDMONTON, Alberta; May 5, 2020 – Edmonton-based biotechnology company CanBiocin Inc. has acquired all of the assets of Denver, CO based Pure Cultures Inc. effective April 30, 2020. CanBiocin produces species-specific probiotics to support pet and livestock health. Pure Cultures’ assets include proven species-specific probiotics, a U.S. patent for probiotics and fermentation metabolites for the prevention and treatment of disease conditions in animals as well as products for poultry and pigs marketed under the brand names Flock VitalityÒ and Pig Vitality™. Deal terms were not disclosed.

“Pure Cultures’ founder and CEO Steve Kazemi has a shared vision and passion for improving pet and livestock health through enhanced nutrition backed by science and focusing on gut health,” said CanBiocin CEO Dr. J.F. (Jake) Burlet. “CanBiocin’s portfolio of species-specific probiotics support animal health by building health through the gut microbiome. The microbiome is the community of microorganisms residing in the intestinal tract and is responsible for digestion, metabolism, immune function and protecting against harmful bacteria,” says Burlet.

This acquisition firmly establishes CanBiocin operations in the U.S. Kazemi, a seasoned biotechnology veteran, joins CanBiocin as Chief Commercialization Officer. “Pure Cultures has made significant investments in developing novel products to develop a healthy gut,” said Kazemi. “Our focus has been developing natural alternatives to curb or eliminate the use of antibiotics in livestock while improving productivity.”

CanBiocin successfully raised funds to close the transaction during the Covid-19 global pandemic; an unprecedented time of business uncertainty. “Our preparedness and willingness to explore all avenues for transaction funding allowed us to access the necessary liquidity for this deal,” stated Burlet.

Around the world, people have leaned on their pets for comfort and companionship during extended periods of self-isolation. The importance of supporting and bolstering animal health for pet family members has never been more front and center. CanBiocin, together with an expanded suite of species-specific probiotics sourced via this asset purchase from Pure Cultures, has clearly positioned itself as a global leader with deep subject matter expertise in microbiome support,” said Dr. Burlet.

About CanBiocin

CanBiocin was founded in 1998 and is a global leader in species-specific companion animal and livestock probiotic development. With a mission to build health from the inside out, the company targets overall microbiome health to support all animal body systems and functions. CanBiocin began as a University of Alberta spin-off company and first commercialized Micocin®, a probiotic metabolite used to inhibit the growth of

Listeria monocytogenes in processed meat products and with beneficial application in livestock feed. Today, its premium canine and other pet probiotic lines help global pet food manufacturers fill their customers’ need to care for their pets as integral members of their families deserving of the same attention and investment in their health and wellness. CanBiocin has a growing number of customers in North America, as well as internationally and can be found online at

About Pure Cultures

Co-founded in 2013, by Steve Kazemi and Colleen Kazemi, Pure Cultures species-specific probiotics and signature products Flock Vitality® and Pig Vitality™ deliver prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics, to support the growth and health of animals. These products meet consumer and industry demand to eliminate the over-use of antibiotics in production animals.

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