Contract Manufacturing

Pure Cultures is able to provide our customers with small, custom fermentation runs, and has the expertise to address difficult-to-grow strains. Our team is experienced in performing research on growth-media selection and growth optimization for strains, and can expertly isolate strains from a range of hosts.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped to provide bench-top to large-scale fermentation services. The Pure Cultures fermentation process incorporates cutting-edge technology in media development and selection, and in the harvesting and preservation of probiotic cultures. We partner with our clients from idea to commercialization, and excel at fulfilling short lead times.

The Pure Cultures model embraces the artisan aspects of the fermentation process to produce the highest quality probiotic products available. Our process involves strict adherence to cleaning and sanitization protocols, implementing a Clean In Place (CIP) system and state-of-the-art cleaning solutions. Our process adheres to the Current Good manufacturing practices (cGMP’s) outlined in 21 CFR 110 – best-practices in manufacturing packing , or holding Human food for dietary ingredients.

The Pure Cultures management team consults with key researchers at major universities helping to develop and isolate new strains, so as to stay at the cutting edge of probiotics research and development.

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