Colleen Kazemi

January 16, 2017

IndieBio Reveals Its Fourth Class of SynBio Startups

Did the first part of IndieBio’s latest batch leave you wanting to know more? Here are the remaining seven teams that form the accelerator’s Class of […]
October 16, 2016

Probiotics startup flies coop for California incubator

Colleen Kazemi has been a mentor at local accelerators like MergeLane and Boomtown. But when it came to her startup that develops bacteria called Pure Cultures, […]
October 16, 2016

Announcing IndieBio’s 4th Class

IndieBio is excited to announce our newest class of thirteen biotech startups. These companies are bringing innovation to a host of industries, from classical biotech spaces […]
February 18, 2015

Probiotics for Pets

A Review by Steve Kazemi Founder Pure Cultures LLC Probiotics are microorganisms that as claimed by some provide health benefits when consumed.[1] The term probiotic is currently used to name ingested microorganisms associated […]